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 [Tutorial] Download New tutorial, BattlePunks (Part 1) [UC-Forum]

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[Tutorial] Download New tutorial, BattlePunks (Part 1) [UC-Forum] Empty
PostSubject: [Tutorial] Download New tutorial, BattlePunks (Part 1) [UC-Forum]   [Tutorial] Download New tutorial, BattlePunks (Part 1) [UC-Forum] I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 28, 2008 11:18 pm

New tutorial, BattlePunks

This is the next in my series of tutorials. It is actually more than a tutorial in that it is the following:

1) A template to make your own trainers is included

2) Full source code in PureBasic language (do not underestimate the power of this language!) and explanation of PureBasic commands, visual editor files, and accessing the Windows API and libraries-

3) BattlePunks "game" I created (this is the "game" we are hacking)- you can use this "game" to test your hacking skills as well as walk along the tutorial learning the material. It comes with it's own scanner to detect your changes. You can use this to test other hacking and anti-detection methods.

4) Full source code to three versions of the Trainer that we make in the Tutorial.

5) Explanation on using OllyDbg for tracing code and finding virtual pointers, etc.

Note: This is not a tutorial on how to hack Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, or any other SPECIFIC game. However, if you are a newb, or if you have a hack that you want to improve, or you want a template and an easy language to program in that is powerful, then this tut is for you. If you plan to hack Battlefield 2 or 2142, then you need to take a look. It will answer alot of questions you would otherwise not have the answers to-

I am sure I have more to say about it but for now go here:

Note to MODS in this forum, please edit this link with a link to the downloads section after you upload the material there. I have trouble uploading files and I only have 500K global space. I would appreciate the upload and edit so that I don't have to rely on an outside site to host these files-

Start with the html file--> BattlePunks Tutorial Intro.htm

Download New tutorial, BattlePunks Part 1 [UC-Forum]
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[Tutorial] Download New tutorial, BattlePunks (Part 1) [UC-Forum]
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