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 [Tutorial] Nametags

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PostSubject: [Tutorial] Nametags   Fri Mar 28, 2008 11:49 pm

Credits: R4z8r

I am posting this cause of the much posts i've seen about the nametags everyone wants Razz

well, I found out a new/old nametags way. I would like to thanks haxing4life for this. This way only works in Bf2142 though, in bf2 you get a memcorruption kick

I dont know if it still works, cause I have a pb bypass and I use normal offsets again

if you guys have all read h4l's nametags way of doing the FILD command (changing 0.0 to 1.0) this should be easy
First you go to the FLD adress by going upwards from the normal offset( JE command) and if you have the FLD command that h4l's used in his release you change the adress bitween the brackets, but first you need to see what it writes when it's 1.0. So you first follow the adress in dump(the one which holds the 0.0/1.0) and see what it holds when it's 1.0 and copy that. Then you go back to the FLD and change to adress bitween brackets and change it to a static adress ( Which is empty ofcourse(like the .exe)). If you changed it, go to the empty adress and write here the 1.0. This should give you nametags.

if you dont understand, srry for my sh*tty explain I was in a rush, had to go to school lol
and I dont know if it still works

edit: the FLD is for 1.25 RendDx9base + 0x118A8B

this gives you FLD QWORD PTR DS:[101BD660]

now you change :[101BD660] to a static adress like .exe and write 1.0 to it

you can write now:

BYTE nametagson[6] = {0xDD,0x05,0x9A,0xEF,0x90,0x00};
BYTE nametagson2[2] = {0xF0,0x3F};
BYTE nametagsoff[6] = {0xDD,0x05,0x38,0x46,0x67,0x04};
BYTE nametagsoff2[2] = {0x00,0x00};

    RendDx9Base = GetModuleBaseAddress(pid, "RendDX9.dll");         
    WriteProcessMemory(hand, (void*)(RendDx9Base + 0x118A8B), &nametagson,6, &bytes);    // DMA   
    WriteProcessMemory(hand, (void*)(0x0090EFA0), &nametagson2,2, &bytes);                // DMA      
      WriteProcessMemory(hand, (void*)(RendDx9Base + 0x118A8B), &nametagsoff,6, &bytes);  //dma
      WriteProcessMemory(hand, (void*)(0x0090EFA0), &nametagsoff2,2, &bytes);              //dma         

I used this before I was f*cking with pb. I think it still works, cause I just played with it for 45 min's

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PostSubject: Re: [Tutorial] Nametags   Sat Mar 29, 2008 1:24 am

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[Tutorial] Nametags
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